Food Day KC at the City Market — Saturday, October 19

FOOD DAY AT THE CITY MARKET — SAT, OCTOBER 19 On October 24 each year, Food Day Kansas City spreads the gospel by strewing Apple Share events throughout the city. Apples are at the core of health — an easy and inexpensive way to chomp on real food, plus they embody a symbol to raise [...]

Waterfire KC

WATERFIRE Designed by award-winning artist Barnaby Evans, WaterFire Kansas City is a unique, multi-sensory experience of music, fire and water. Now in its seventh year, the moving art installation features a stream of mesmerizing bonfires on Brush Creek. This year’s festivities will take place this evening — Saturday, October 12, 2013. WaterFire was originally created [...]

Eat with Locals — foodNow (August 17)

foodNow 2013 foodNow is an all-volunteer gala which provides a creative approach to raising awareness and funding for local, healthier eating in Greater Kansas City. Local farmers and local chefs come together to bring a unique food experience to the West Bottoms, “the original Kansas City”, where the roots of agriculture in the Midwest began. [...]

Food Day Kansas City 2014 – Apple Share


You’re the apple of my eye. An apple for the teacher. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The apple as a positive image is pervasive in our culture. And it just so happens that it’s plentiful in Missouri and Kansas in October. With our trees bursting with fresh, crisp locally grown fruit, apples [...]

Slow Food

Bra, a town and commune nestled in the foothills of the Alps in Piedmonte, Italy, is home to the “slow food” movement, a response to the so-called fast food revolution.   Slow Food occupies the crossroads of ecology and gastronomy, ethics and pleasure. A way of eating and living, it is a grassroots organization with supporters around [...]