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    Food Day Kansas City 2014 – Apple Share

    You’re the apple of my eye. An apple for the teacher. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The apple as a positive image is pervasive in our culture. And it just so happens that it’s plentiful in Missouri and Kansas in October. With our trees bursting with fresh, crisp locally grown fruit, apples [...]

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Food Day – October 24, 2014

Food Day is a celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainable food, and a campaign for better food policies. It seeks to:

Promote safer, healthier diets

Support sustainable and organic farms

Reduce hunger

Reform factory farms to protect the environment and animals

Support fair working conditions for food and farm workers

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Food Day KC Blog

Slow Food KC Annual Harvest Potluck Dinner (Sunday, October 7)

Bra, Italy, is home to the “slow food” movement, a response to the so-called fast food revolution. Slow Food occupies the crossroads of ecology and gastronomy, ethics and pleasure. A way of eating and living, it is a grassroots organization with supporters around the globe. While worldwide in scope, there are local Slow Food chapters [...]

A Word Of Thanks To Mother Cooks

Each of us owe an oft failed tribute to the cherished mother cooks who tirelessly prepare our most comforting fare. Their daily contributions to the world’s kitchens and tables over time deserve our solemn, endless gratitude. With their gentle, confident hands on the spoon and enticing kitchen aromas passed from generation to generation, they reawaken [...]

La Cosecha (The Harvest)

One of the more pressing issues to ponder and which deserves prompt and profound action is the plight of farm workers who so often toil under absurdly untenable conditions.  A recent award-winning film, La Cosecha (The Harvest) draws attention to the dire plight of child farm laborers across this country.  More than 400,000 children work in fields across the land to harvest [...]