Culinary Mindfulness

Todd Essig’s essay in a Psychology Today blog offers some compelling reminders. The American mode of eating lacks vitality and has over time become unhealthy to mind and body to an almost Dickensian industrial bleakness. Snarfing down wrapped, heat-lamped, bland, processed fast food on the run is just not good for the psyche, soul or [...]

Burger Lore

A brutally scorching finish to June in Kansas City with the 4th of July just around the corner, and the rapid reports and snaps of firecrackers already sounding in neighborhoods. So, that monarch of American grills, the hamburger, again reigns supreme. It seems the hamburger legends go something like this. During the late Middle Ages, [...]

Decisions, Decisions? Then Cook

Decision fatigue. That mental chisel which chips away at rational choice. The brain strain that afflicts both rich and poor, those slogging through work’s quagmire, agonizing at the mall or mired down at home. Different from what is typically perceived as physical fatigue, it takes an insidious toll on the brain. Researchers have noted that [...]

In The Beginning…

That ever perplexing riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg? British researchers claim to have resolved this mystery. Apparently, a protein found only in a chicken’s ovaries is necessary for the formation of the egg. This same protein (ovocledidin-17) enhances the development of the hard shell, which is essential to protecting the delicate [...]

Center for Science in the Public Interest

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is one of the most esteemed science based food advocacy groups in the country. It is the organized voice of the American public on nutrition, food safety, health and other related issues. Not only does the CSPI keep the public informed about food safety, labeling and [...]

Slow Food

Bra, a town and commune nestled in the foothills of the Alps in Piedmonte, Italy, is home to the “slow food” movement, a response to the so-called fast food revolution.   Slow Food occupies the crossroads of ecology and gastronomy, ethics and pleasure. A way of eating and living, it is a grassroots organization with supporters around [...]

We Eat, Therefore We Are

Our very existence depends on food.  Beyond any doubt, proper nutrition allows our bodies to  survive and thrive.  A balanced diet grants the fuel and nutrients needed to attain optimal health and accomplish essential tasks.  This may sound self-explanatory, even inane at times – but eating hale to live well is too often forgotten. While dietary and nutritional research is constantly evolving, perhaps a primer is in order.      [...]

Conference of Mayors Endorses Food Day 2012

America’s mayors have formally announced their support for Food Day—the nationwide celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.  At a meeting in Orlando, the U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted a resolution declaring October 24 as Food Day and urging all mayors to participate. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Philadephia Mayor Michael A. Nutter were [...]

Food Day KC — October 24, 2012

Eat Real, Live Well! Food Day intends to enhance the food chain. A grassroots event sponsored by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit watchdog group that has struggled for accurate labeling, better nutrition, and safer eats for decades. Food Day celebrates food’s significance as an integral part of the human condition [...]