Slow Food Kansas City — Annual Fall Harvest Dinner (10th Anniversary)

Annual Fall Harvest Dinner and Ten Year Anniversary Celebration On Sunday October 13, Slow Food Kansas City and friends as we celebrate the harvest and Slow Food Kansas City’s 10 year anniversary. Advance reservations only: Slow Food KC Members – Free with potluck dish Slow Food KC Members – $10 without potluck dish Non-members – [...]

KC Hunger Run 2013

Please join on Saturday, October 12 in a 5K Run (sanctioned and timed) plus a Family Fun Walk in beautiful Unity Village. A family friendly event to benefit hunger relief and culinary education in the Greater Kansas City Community. The event benefits Episcopal Community Services, including their “Healthy Food for the Hungry” program. Episcopal Community [...]

Maillard Reaction: The Color of Savory is Brown

Cuisine is both an art and a science: it is an art when it strives to bring about the realization of the true and the beautiful, called le bon in the order of culinary ideas. As a science, it respects chemistry, physics and natural history. Its axioms are called aphorisms, its theorems recipes, and its [...]

City Market Grub Crawl

The City Market is pleased to announce the return of live music to the property. On Saturday, September 28, the City Market will host a two part event featuring dining and live music. Word play on the traditional pub crawl, a Grub Crawl is a cutting edge way to experience the eclectic food scene in [...]

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Anecdotes are varied and vague about the true nascence of carbonara. First thought to be a dish from ancient Rome, the name was said to come from a meal made in the Appenine mountains of the Abruzzo by woodcutters who made charcoal for fuel and would cook the dish over a hardwood fire. Another version [...]

Eat with Locals — foodNow (August 17)

foodNow 2013 foodNow is an all-volunteer gala which provides a creative approach to raising awareness and funding for local, healthier eating in Greater Kansas City. Local farmers and local chefs come together to bring a unique food experience to the West Bottoms, “the original Kansas City”, where the roots of agriculture in the Midwest began. [...]

Eating Well — Quinoa

Consider this.  Shun the traditional deprivation diets with their woeful success rates and focus instead on eating well.  Eat to savor, not to wholly deprive.  Prepare a simple inventory of healthy foods, preparations and menu options — including a list of wellness foodstuffs (e.g., beets, swiss chard, legumes, nuts, avocados, blueberries) that you enjoy but have not [...]


Zucchini is an immature fruit, being the swollen ovary of the female flower of a summer squash. Natives of Central and South America have been enjoying zucchini for several thousand years, but our present day zucchini is likely a variety of the squash developed in Italy—a result of New World explorers returning to Europe bearing [...]

Food + le Tour

This race — called le Tour — is not just about wheels, legs and lungs. Food and water are just as crucial to a rider’s grit, often making the difference between a podium spot and an abysmally dismal welcome to the offseason.  Throughout the Tour, riders constantly strive to store and restore glycogen, a readily [...]

Bastille Day !

America is my country and Paris is my hometown. ~Gertrude Stein It may seem obvious from past ramblings that I am an unabashed francophile. So, given that today was Bastille Day, allow me to regale some. Sorry, Mario. Every year this day we should remember and embrace the many bonds between both the republics of America [...]